The compressor cooling technology developed by Indel B is more than just an alternative: it is the only real solution that will satisfy traveller’s needs, in every situation. No other technology performs so well: the trivalent and thermoelectric systems consume way more. Indel B’s know-how on this technology has resulted in the creation of products without equals, designed to adapt to the most intense use on the road.

+ Quick

The quick decrease in the refrigerator’s temperature by 21° C in just 30 minutes makes it appropriate for all needs, even in a hectic life on the road.

+ Performance

An unprecedented technology allows the device to reach unimaginable performances, up to -20° C with a starting temperature of 25° C.

+ Efficiency

The compressor system is without equals when it comes to operational autonomy: power consumption is reduced by 7 times compared to a trivalent system, and 4 times compared to a thermoelectric system.

+ Silence

Years of experience in the automotive field have allowed us to hone the compressor tecnology in order to significantly reduce the noise level. As a matter of that all our products are suitable for any circumstances and conditions of use, even at night.

+ Flexibility

The keyword for this technology is independence; with its low consumption allows the use of solar panels to prolong its use in plein-air.