Portable Refrigerators for everyday use | TRAVEL BOX

This collection of travel refrigerators is the ideal solution for road trips, boat days, camping trips, or other travel adventures. The Travel Box refrigerators were created to be the best portable fridges for cars, considering safety while riding, energy saving, and liveability of the place where they will be transported. This is why the Travel Box refrigerators are unique travel companions.

Best Travel Refrigerator for Small Spaces

With updated features and new colors, this international bestseller is your reliable and versatile portable “mini” fridge. While they look small on the outside, our new compressor design means these travel refrigerators have plenty of space on the inside. The Travel Box has excellent performance and low energy consumption. We offer a variety of sizes so you can find the best 12V portable fridge for your space.

Whether you need a portable fridge for your car, boat, truck, or tent - the Travel Box is a reliable and efficient solution!