Portable 12V Fridges for extreme conditions | STEEL

The Steel range of portable 12V fridges are tough-built, designed to withstand extreme weather and the rugged conditions you face during off-roading and overlanding adventures  The new black matte finish completely transforms the aesthetics of the entire line. The evolution of the Steel range includes retractable handles with a new design for improved portability, corner bumpers, even more resistant snap closures with a hole for the integrated security padlock, and new reinforced hinges with four anchor points. Other new features include the power and temperature control panel with integrated Bluetooth connectivity for performance monitoring via smartphone.

Best Fridge for Overlanding and Off-Roading

Extreme conditions require extreme technology, and that’s why OFF by Indel B makes the best fridge/freezer for off-roading and overlanding. Don’t let outdated technology or flimsy coolers hold you back on your next adventure!

Indel B has always been an innovative pioneer in the refrigeration industry, from space shuttles to boats to campervans. We stand behind the quality of our products, and we know you’ll agree that we’ve made the best fridge for overlanding and other extreme outdoor conditions.

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