Portable Refrigerators

Practicality and performance everywhere. Whether you are going out for just a few hours, taking a vacation on the road, or having a party in your backyard, Indel B’s OFF portable refrigerators and portable freezers are the best solutions to store your food and drinks at the right temperature in all situations. Created in different models and with a complete set of accessories to adapt to all needs, they offer high performance and versatility and ensure great autonomy and temperatures up to -18° C in 12V mode. The perfect travel fridge for those who love living outdoors.

We offer portable refrigerators for all types of adventures. Our Travel Box series is ideal for everyday use while our STEEL series can withstand extreme off-roading conditions. From family road trips to beach days and camping adventures, an OFF travel fridge is the best solution for healthy, affordable meals and snacks no matter where you are.